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Give your micro:bit project AI superpowers! This site will allow your micro:bit to use your computer's webcam to recognize images. You can recognize facial expressions, poses, and any object you can think of to put in front of your webcam! What will your micro:bit do when it can tell if you're smiling, or if you've deposited the right amount of coins?

Use the links below to get your Teachable Machine image recognition model and your micro:bit starter code. Then click on the third button to connect everything together!!

Select the Microbit in the popup screen. Psst, it might be called mbed Serial Port.


Google Teachable Machine AI Model website

No experience required! This free website will let you use your webcam to teach an AI to recognize images, or poses. You choose a name for each "Class" of images you want it to recognize and pass along to your micro:bit. Export your model when you're done, and copy the link it gives you.

You can also train the AI to use your microphone to recognize sounds.

New to Google Teachable Machine? Follow these guidelines to learn more: Guide to Teachable Machine

Starter micro:bit code

This simple program for your micro:bit will let it receive information from the AI on what it sees or hears

You decide what the micro:bit does when it recognizes each "Class".

Play a tune, make a happy face, move a motor. It's up to you!

New to Microbit Makecode? Follow these guidelines to learn more: Microbit Makecode Website

‘Make: AI Robots’ is also a book!

Create 8 projects that will teach cardboard construction, electronics, coding and AI with a micro:bit microcontroller. Sign up for the steamlabs mail list and be notified when the book is released and for other online activities we develop.

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Thank you to our supporters on this project!

Amazon Future Engineer

Maker Media

micro:bit LIVE 2021 Presentation

We had the pleasure of presenting this web platform at the micro:bit LIVE 2021 conference to showcase the projects we have developed with our friends at Strawbees in Sweden and the Teknisk Museum in Norway!

Not sure what to do?

Visit the Teachable Machine to train an AI project:

New to Google Teachable Machine? Follow these guidelines to learn more: Guide to Teachable Machine

When you have finished training your model, follow these 4 simple steps:

1. Click “Export Model”


2. Click “Upload My Model”


3. Wait a moment


4. Click “Copy” to copy your link and paste it in the space above


Paste your Google Teachable machine model link here:


Looks like your camera is being used already or you may have denied access. Check and close other applications where your camera is in use, then click Retry when you’re ready.



This is a Recognition Project - where the AI will be able to identify the classes you made based on the input you give it!


Inputs help icon

( Psst remember to close the settings when you're done editing )

ALWAYS WATCHING: Use this mode if you want your AI to always be looking for new information.

ONE WINNER: Use this mode if you want your AI to stop after it makes a decision.

Inputs help icon

This bar here helps the AI decide how sure it is in its prediction. Crank the bar all the way up if you want it to be absolutely sure of its decision, or slide it halfway for the AI to reach a decision quicker.

Nothing is happening to my micro:bit!

If you haven’t coded anything onto your micro:bit yet, well...nothing will happen. Visit the makecode website to make your own projects, or follow some tutorials, and then use this project to have the website talk to your micro:bit. Insert your code into the marked areas and download your code. Your micro:bit should now be springing to life with whatever fantastic projects you’ve made.

2. Before you upload new makecode to your microbit, click here for instructions.

Info Button
Setting Button Open Settings

1. Welcome to AI Judge! Click on the Settings to adjust the way your AI makes predictions.

Home Button

3. Here is a record of all the actions your AI has done. You can use this Log to troubleshot and explore!

Interact and your logs will show up here!